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Alma and King Noah’s Court

Alma and King Noah’s Court is not currently streaming on Liken.TV. However, you may purchase a digital download or the DVD at one of the links below.

Buy a Digital Copy ($7.99) Buy the DVD ($14.95)

From the Liken Gold Series

In this fun and moving retelling of a treasured scripture story, a modern-day girl named Amelia (introducing Lauren Faber) learns a valuable lesson on integrity through the courage of Alma. When Amelia is teased because her family is taking the missionary discussions, she learns from Alma as he defends Abinadi against King Noah to have the faith to stand up for what is right. In this story, Alma (Dallyn Vail Bayles) is faced with the decision of approaching King Noah (Frank Gerrish) and his wicked priests, or risking his live by standing up for the prophet Abinadi (Ken Eklof).

For more information on Alma & King Noah’s Court, watch this 1 minute, 40 second introduction by the actor who plays Alma, Dallyn Vail Bayles

Study Guide: Mosiah, Chapters 11-18.


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Digital Copy Details: Running time: 55 min. Widescreen. File Size: appx. 700 mb. TBD. File Format: mp4. Permissions: File may be shared among your household digital devices.

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One Response to “Alma and King Noah’s Court”

  1. Matthew Mecham says:

    My family and I watched this movie for family home evening. It went along so well with our lesson on Integrity. What a great film! My kids are aged 10, 13, and 15 (boys and girls), and we all loved it. I have recommended it to many of my associates. Excellent work!


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