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Watch “The First Christmas” free!

An early Christmas! Liken is pleased to announce that a special, new stage version of “The First Christmas” is being prepared for its world premiere engagement at the SCERA in Orem, Utah (running Wednesdays through Saturdays, Nov. 30-Dec. 22).

In addition to all the wonderful songs that families have come to love from the movie version, this new stage version will feature brand new music, some new characters, a completely different modern-day bookend story, and other special surprises (ticket info available here — order early for best seat selection).

To celebrate, we are pleased to make available the full-length movie version of “The First Christmas” for your viewing pleasure now online free for a limited time!

This version features rarely-seen behind-the-scenes glimpses presented by Lauren Faber, who plays the role of Amelia in the movie version.

About “The First Christmas”

When Amelia’s parents decide to share their Christmas with a family in need, Amelia has a hard time figuring out if she should do the same. Though hesitant to join in at first, Amelia discovers the true spirit of Christmas through the stories of Mary & Joseph, Elisabeth & Zacharias, and a pair of shepherds named Sharif & Omar.

Watch the Christmas story as you’ve never seen it before, through the imagination of a young girl who discovers for herself the true meaning of Christmas. Featuring all original songs, this heart-warming musical is perfect for families of all ages.

Watch this introduction of the movie by Jessica Huffaker, who plays the role of Mary in the movie.

Own the movie

If you’d like to purchase the movie, please ask for it from your favorite local retailer. You may also buy it online here:

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7 Responses to “Watch “The First Christmas” free!”

  1. Danika says:

    I just clicked on the streaming First Christmas and Ana (my 4 year old) ran in here so fast when she heard the intro music. Hahahaha, did I tell you she LOVES her Liken the Scriptures?

  2. Meredith Duley says:

    Thank you for making this video available! Our whole family gathered around to watch it. On this Christmas Eve day, it really helped bring the Spirit into our home and we are grateful for that. We are so glad to see LikenTV coming to our home!

  3. Elizabeth Harmon says:

    I own this movie, but it’s really cool that those who don’t own it will be able to watch it for free!! By the way, wonderful job, everyone.

  4. Kenneth says:

    Awesome! What a great Christmas movie! I’m excited to see Jonah (I think its under the Christmas tree.) Keep us informed on everything.

  5. Beverly Sexton says:

    What a wonderful Christmas gift from Liken! I’m watching it now for the second time.

    I will definitely be ordering the 5 pack for gifts next year.

    Thank You Liken!!

  6. Robin says:

    What a touching version of the First Christmas. The spirit is really there. Thank you for sharing. Can’t wait to see more productions by Liken.

  7. Maralyn Hura says:

    Hi my name is Maralyn, i have watched previews of your dvds and wish to purshase some of your likenscripture christian movies. I live in NewZealand and i cant purchase with Amazon is there some other way to purchase please.Would be so awesome to sit with grandchildren and watch a bible show.i love your musical beautiful singers of the lord.Thank you waiting for your reply Maralyn Hura.


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