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The Newest Liken On Sale Now: Jonah & the Great Fish

Buy the DVD ($14.95) Download Digital ($14.99) 7-day Rental ($1.99)

“Jonah & the Great Fish,” the newest Liken and our first feature-length title, is now available to purchase on DVD, purchase for download, or rent online.

When her father tells her the Bible story of Jonah, Chloe uses her imagination to bring the adventure to life, complete with a nervous prophet, rival gangs of Ninevites who happen to be amazing dancers, a hearty band of Spanish mariners, a troubled King and Queen, a pair of lovable fish named Humphrey and Chum, and a trio of singing crustaceans called the “Crabelles.”

As Chloe likens the story to her own life, she discovers there are no misfits in God’s plan.


Excerpts from The Dove Foundation’s review:

“…a movie musical ripe with high energy… Viewers will find this to be an interesting and captivating slant on the age old story of Jonah and the whale set against incredible music and amazing choreography.

“Parents and children alike will enjoy this high stepping family musical. Themes of acceptance, friendship and loving others are woven throughout the fabric of this wonderful film.”

Dove Family-Approved/Suitable for all ages
5 (out of 5) Doves






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One Response to “The Newest Liken On Sale Now: Jonah & the Great Fish”

  1. sophia says:

    i really wont to see this movie because i heard it was awesome and my friend kad is in it.


  1. Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: W is for Jonah and the Whale | Confessions of a Slacker Mom - [...] Jonah and the Great Fish (buy the DVD, digital download, or digital week long rental!) (I love how they ...